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Chakra Balancing Kit - Hex + Stones

Chakra Balancing Kit

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✦  Chakra Balancing Kit ✦ 

You get 8 crystals, based on your chakras, to help you align and balance your main energy points 😊

From bottom up:

  • Hematite for grounding and protection
  • Jasper for sensuality and self worth
  • Tigers Eye for joy and abundance
  • Green Jasper for universal love and emotional balance
  • Blue Lace Agate for communication and expression
  • Amethyst for intuition and awakening the clair senses
  • Clear Quartz to get in touch with your higher self and spirituality
  • Selenite for extra Angel energy above the crown (soul star chakra)

    You can meditate with your crystals, keep them in you bag or pocket or bra hehe or put them on your or someone else's chakras to get back into balance. When our energy points or chakras are closed or unbalanced, you can feel stressed, depressed, ungrounded, anxious, not loved etc. Don't forget that intention is key when using and working with crystals! 
    Always cleanse your crystals after use. If you have any concerns about your health always see your GP.