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Pendulum - Hex + Stones


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✦   Pendulum  ✦  

With a pendulum, it is possible to transfer answers of the subconscious to the pendulum. It is a very good tool because it reinforces the reactions of the subconscious mind with very simple methods. It also reacts with fine muscle movements. These are transferred to the pendulum. The pendulum amplifies the fine muscle movements, so that we can recognize them much better.

 The cause of all our actions lies in our subconscious. The inner desires guide us and bring us in one direction. However, what our mind wants and what our inner self wants is not always the same. 

In order to achieve good results when commuting, it is important to be well relaxed, because then the connection to the subconscious mind is much better. The arm should be angled slightly (about in the range of 30-60 degrees). The pendulum should hang loosely and just above the table. Some prefer to hold the other hand under the pendulum because this can increase the swing of the pendulum. Now you start to test the pendulum direction to determine how a YES and how a NO is displayed. To do this, you say to yourself "I want a YES now". The pendulum should now begin to swing a little. It can rotate in a circle or just swing back and forth (right and left or up and down). To these pendulum movements you can now make the counter-test by asking for a NO.