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Smoky Quartz + Herkimer Elastic Rings - Hex + Stones

Smoky Quartz + Herkimer Elastic Rings

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  • elastic rings
  • handmade
  • one size

✦ Smoky Quartz ✦

Grounding + Detoxing + Strength + Balance

Smoky Quartz can effectively remove negative spirits or energies from patients’ auric fields through the use of grounding techniques or by placing directly on the body.

Like many crystals with darker hues, Smoky Quartz held an essential role in spiritual practices throughout history and was used for similar purposes by placing it outside of houses or in windows to prevent drifting spirits from entering a family’s space.

✦ Herkimer ✦

Clarification + Healing + Spiritual Awareness

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. Being double terminated, they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

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