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Here we answer some of questions that we get asked the most:

1. What are your products made out of?
Our chains are brass with a few layers of gold which gives the chains a beautiful The wire we use is plated copper wire and we also use gold filled wire and sterling silver wire for most of our rings, bracelets and anklets, to have the best quality.

2. Where are you located?
We are located in beautiful Carinthia in the very south of Austria. We have been in Perth for from June 2020 til May 2021, as I moved there in 2017 to my husband.  I (Simone) am actually Austrian and have wanted to move back home as i was missing my fam and the Austrian vibe too much.

3. Do you have a shop as well?
We have a little room or boutique as i like to call it. It is in my parents house, where all the magic basically happens. If you live close by you are always welcome to come around and hang out or do some shopping. :)

4. Where do you ship to?
We wanted to ship worldwide, but due to Covid, products take longer to arrive and also the shipping rates are higher. For now we only ship to countries within Europe.

5. What if I ordered an item but then change my mind about it?
We do not return items if you change your mind. Just if the order hasn't been sent out yet, we are happy to give you a refund.

6. What if a product arrives damaged?
We always make sure to securely package everything and sometimes it is out of our hands what happens when we ship it, but if a product comes with a broken chain or crystal etc, we will ship you a replacement or will give you store credit of course. :)

7. Where do you get your products from?
We still have the same supplier that we had when we where in Perth, so a lot comes from Australia still. We also have suppliers from India and Pakistan, and all over Europe.

8. Do you plan to open a shop somewhere?
At the moment we don´t but we are always happy to collaborate with shops. If you know someone who has a business and would be interested in stocking Hex and Stones products, feel free to message us. :)