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Flower Agate Sphere with Wood Stand - Hex + Stones

Flower Agate Sphere with Wood Stand

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✦  Flower Agate ✦  

✦  The magic of this crystal ✦  

Inner Peace + Abundance + Empathy + Wisdom

Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakras together. This unique effect can best be felt through deep meditation, with one solely focusing on their emotional body and  current needs. By doing this exercise, one will begin to gain freedom from the deep pain that has attached itself to the heart and will assist us in looking towards the path of self-embetterment.

  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Chakra: Heart + Root
  • Affirmation: "I am safe and protected at all times"

Even if you are not one of the Zodiac signs mentioned above,  
the gemstones we are attracted to are the most suitable  
stones for us at the particular point of time. 


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