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our story


growing up in a little village in the very south of austria, surrounded by forest and mountains, i always had a deep connection with nature. i loved to be outside to collect flowers, watch insects and look for rocks that i would try to crack open. when i was 8, i saw a crystal for the first time and i bought a clear quartz cluster, which is still one of my top 3 crystals. as pisces as my sun sign, i have always been a deep thinker and an empath. but also a dreamer. growing up, my magic got a little lost, party queen was my second name haha but as i got older i found my way back into the magic of crystals and natural healing (herbs, homeopathy, essential oils etc...) my dad always used to say that i am the witch of the family hence the name hex + stones. 


as a very open minded person and free spirit and with my head in the clouds i never really knew what i wanted to do in life, job wise... i went to college, studied education to become a social worker, moved to perth, had my own daycare for 6 months and became a mum of 2 girls. everything kind of fell into place by itself. during pregnancy i found my way back to spirituality and crystal healing and the love that has always been there, grew stronger again. fast forward to 2020, to the covid lockdown we had in perth, i was looking for something to express my creative side and that is when 
hex + stones came to life. in june 2020. that is when the spark i always had in me, lit up to a big fire. i instantly knew this is the direction i wanna go. working with beautiful healing creations from mother earth is so rewarding and i enjoy every second of it. i found my passion. there is so much more to come and i cannot wait for it. 

i have also done a course in reiki level1+2, peter hess singing bowls technique 1+2, doterra aroma touch technique and am a Doula. I love working with tarot decks and other divination tools like oracle cards, the pendulum, runes etc


the main reason i started h + s was, that i want to connect with people and to bring joy and i hope you can feel the passion and good energy that is put into every single product. when purchasing from us, you don't only get high vibrational products but also positive energy and vibes from a little happy and loving family.

danke, thank you -  from the bottom of our hearts for choosing hex + stones. 
with the fullest heart + gratitude + light + magic,
Monie ✦